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2018 Sales Trends: The Influence of AI

aidem - 20th February 2018 - 0 comments

The rate of change in technology since our foundation has been phenomenal. Here, now, in 2018 we’re looking at some incredible advances in artificial intelligence – something once considered the realms of science fiction. While we’ve not quite got there yet, this year is already proving to be the year of AI. For sales, it’s already one of the most important advances of the decade.

The AI Sales Transformation
How is AI presently makes sales reps jobs easier? The technology directly assists with some of the most complicated processes in their job. Here are just a few.

Better Lead Generation
AI is better at examining which aspects of your outreach tools or campaigns work – not in general terms, but by specifics and for each individual customer or by making generalisations about their demographics. AI can go so far as to assess individual elements of each advert, email, banner and so on. This allows a streamlining of the methods and even tailored advertisements depending on the customer profile.

Better Lead Quality Identification
It may sound too good to be true, but AI allows sales reps to enter work each day with a better understanding of which leads are likely to close soon. That means they can prioritise those leads without resorting to guesswork or being subject to personal or demographic bias. But how?
AI systems process more data, and faster, giving a better overall score. While some sales reps may feel a lack of gut feeling is detrimental to the sales process (which requires a human touch) most of the time you cannot argue with cold, hard statistics. These systems analyse social media content for interests from that customer.

Improve Sales Methods and Approach
Some will simply produce a lead score while other systems will go as far as recommending approaches for the sale. The right AI system is able to show sales teams how to go about approaching a customer and how to close a deal. This can include which methods to use, the right and wrong content, and engage the sales rep through advising on the best actions to take for any customer. A recent study on AI in sales suggests 78% of sales teams partaking in the study improved their process for anticipating customer need.

AI Helps Your Sales Reps Be More Productive
AI allows your sales reps to do more work and to do more of the work that actually matters. It’s one of the best tools for cutting back on timewasting but necessary tasks that make up a rep’s day. Things like email and phone call logging, invoice production and other administrative tasks. This gives breathing space and time to do what they are employed to do – sell your goods and services.

The Customer Service Aspect
Never underestimate the customer experience during the sales process. Chatbots, up-to-the-minute stock checking systems provide convenience for the customer and answer their queries. Website AI will take away many aspects of the process that slow you down. There is also the added benefit (especially with Chatbots) to build a customer profile. Did you also know that AI can adapt to customer tone such as frustration and anger? It’s not just the negative emotions; they can also tell when a customer is being persuaded.

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