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5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Boost Your Sales

aidem - 3rd November 2016 - 0 comments

It really cannot be stated enough that Cloud Technology has revolutionised business for almost everybody. From increasing security to streamlining processes, from portability to back up, Cloud is here to stay. But can cloud technology help aid sales success? If so, how so? The technology helps your business’ sales in five fundamental ways, which we will outline in this blog. Cloud Technology is a simple and cost-effective solution to your sales needs. Its not about whether you can afford it, its about whether you can afford to move forward without it.


Improves Customer Relations

Monitoring performance based on customer relations can be slow and time consuming. It is, however, a necessary part of your day-to-day business. Cloud based CRM can speed up the process and provide you with more reports about your customers almost immediately. A good CRM provides you with the most up to date information at the touch of a button that also allows you to share it with all of your team at the same time. Monitoring customer data has never been so thorough or easy. This means you can focus on improving your customer relations.


Improves Team Productivity

Which business does not want a more productive workforce? Which employees do not want to “work smarter”? Cloud technology can streamline your business through a range of features such as auto dialling, auto call logging and centralised call reporting. All of these functions (and more) are available with a good Cloud based sales platform to help you speed up your processes, follow up more leads and improve your conversion rates. A happy workforce is a productive workforce, and a workforce whose job is easier will certainly be happier.


Employee Motivation

Without a motivated workforce, they will be less efficient and this can be affect overall product or service quality. How can Cloud technology improve motivation? With the detail available through the sales reporting process, employees can now track their own performance. When we can measure how we are doing and how we did in a previous period (for example comparing week by week), we cannot help but compete with ourselves. When your employees are goal-oriented and can see their performance in black and white, they will attempt to beat their own targets.


Efficient Management

It’s not just useful for your sales employees, it is also useful for your sales managers. With the right Cloud technology solution, they can monitor not only the performance of your employees, but also problem areas. Which employees struggle? Which geographical areas and demographics are proving unfruitful? Cloud technology helps decision makers channel efforts into the right areas at the right time, aiding the streamlining of performance. What is even better is that you can monitor real-time performance and interject immediately.


Concise Reporting

Sales monitoring and customer relations is an inexact science. At least, it was until the advent of Cloud technology. The right system can help your business monitor more data over a longer period of time. You don’t need qualifications in statistics, and it won’t take days or weeks to compile the data telling you what you already think you know. Fast processing and greater detail means that you will be able to streamline services with effective and regular monitoring: not monthly, but daily and even hourly.

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