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Cloud Technology Sends Your Business Into The Stratosphere

aidem - 3rd November 2016 - 0 comments

It is said that if you are not using Cloud based technologies, you are not realising your business’ full potential. In 2016, that is a truer statement than it ever was. Cloud is not just about storage; today, it’s about applications, sharing and core business functions. This is why NadComs is so successful at delivering SalesForce solutions for clients. Why move to the Cloud? Here are five distinct advantages.


Get Away from Custom Servers with Cloud

This applies not just to servers, but to applications too. In the last five years, businesses have come to realise that it is no longer sustainable to maintain legacy systems with all the software issues they cause. These older systems are expensive and resource draining. They used to be the cheaper option, but no longer. Today, the cheaper option is flexible Cloud based technologies such as SalesForce. They are both customisable and future proof, something that cannot be said of older legacy systems.


Cloud Lets Your IT Experts Do What They Do Best

It’s likely that your current IT Department spends most of its time installing patches and correcting problems. This is the “plumbing” approach to IT, one that involves constantly using short term solutions to patch up problem areas in a system no longer fit for purpose. We are sure they would rather spend time working with high-performance and future proof systems that work for them and the business overall. You are not getting the best out of your IT team when they use inferior tools.


Cloud Permits Annual Re-Evaluation

The problem with legacy systems is that you can only build on the original provisions of the system. With Cloud based systems such as SalesForce, you are able to review your package(s) annually. It is easy to discard system that do not work for you, and expand and enhance those that do work. Such is the flexible and open nature of SaaS and other Cloud based systems. They are designed as a future proof, scalable and flexible solution built in a modular fashion around your needs.


Cloud Represents Real Time Cost Saving

We focus on cost regularly and it bears repeating again. Legacy systems are expensive to maintain. Each year that passes, the system gets more and more out of date. Updates cost money, actual money and money in terms of time wasted for your IT professionals to develop and install new patches. Long-term, it’s a waste of money and it’s likely the system is no longer suitable for what it was originally intended. New Cloud based systems do not require significant outward investment. They will improve your efficiency and replaced easily.


Cloud Has Improved Security Over Legacy Systems

Corporate security should be high on your agenda. Your customer built system may once have been the safest thing about your corporate infrastructure. This may by your thinking behind refusing to indulge the possibility of SaaS such as SalesForce – after all, if everybody is using it that makes it easier to break into than a unique system, right? This thinking is incorrect. Engineers and software designers responsible for SaaS understand how important it is that a widely used system is secure for all customers all of the time. They are no less secure than your custom system. If anything, they are more secure as they use the most up to date security protocols.

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