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How the digital evolution of 2016 will benefit everyone

aidem - 14th November 2016 - 0 comments

Technology has a wonderful habit of coming on in leaps and bounds. That has certainly been true of this year with several much anticipated technologies making their way onto the market. Although some seem rather gimmicky, they have massive scope for people’s lifestyle and convenience, and for further technological growth in future. We are entering an exciting time.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is an exciting type of software that uses smartphones to “enhance” the real world. The best example of this from 2016 is Pokemon Go. Players use their phones to find Pokemon in the real world environment. These could be in places as diverse as the centre of a shopping centre or in the middle of a public park. It has the ability to create entertainment using the real world, getting people out more and interact with the real world. It could be that the technology so universally vilified could be the one thing to solve the obesity crisis, but its potential applications clearly go way beyond this.


Virtual Reality

We feel that AR and VR represent some of the most exciting technological advances of the next few years. Although VR has already been around for at least a decade, it’s only become affordable to everyone in 2016. The potential here is massive and what it offers most is convenience. Imagine being able to watch the Cup Final and feel as though you are there. Imagine being able to visit some of the world’s best monuments and sites without the expense of flying there. Imagine wandering through a virtual store to shop for clothes and try them on – again without leaving your home.


Self-Driving Cars

A world where self-driving cars is normal is one where road traffic accidents are much lower. It is one where we won’t get lost because the SatNav doesn’t work as it should. It is one where long journeys are possible without having to stop for a break – and possibly one where the driver can travel overnight and sleep at the same time. Although this technology is fledgling, the chance to automate much of our transit system could cut carbon emissions by making that transit more efficient. It’s a long way off, but self-driving cars and mass transit could potentially help save the planet and reduce accidents.


The Cloud

Cloud is not a new technology. It’s been around for at least 3-4 years. By now, there is no system unaffected by Cloud storage. If you are not already using it for your digital needs, you really should be. Nadcoms provides Cloud based business systems in Salesforce and many of their competitors use it too. But what about general use? Your digital music and ebooks are stored in the Cloud. Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive and iCloud are all Cloud based systems and you can delete and add to devices at your leisure. The potential for being able to access files on any device when saved to one device is obvious. Arguably, the affordability of Cloud technology has been the major cause of the digital evolution and driven many start-up businesses.


Technology is Always Good for Jobs

Technological advance creates jobs. The availability of more jobs for everyone and the technology to drive it is vital for everyone, opening opportunities and avenues for more innovation. Nadcoms formed during the most recent digital evolution. Today, we are one of the foremost providers of Salesforce in the north of England – a Cloud based flexible digital environment. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for some of the great technological advances mentioned above and neither would some of our great clients and contractors.

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