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How to align your sales and marketing teams using Salesforce

aidem - 6th March 2017 - 0 comments

You’re at a stage where your marketing, sales teams and other departments and areas function as well as they could. Perhaps they have the best software, systems and employees for the job. Where many businesses fall down is in not permitting these areas of the business to work interdependently. The business is only the sum of its parts, but the parts need connecting in the right ways to drive your business forward.

The Disconnect

According to a recent survey, 78% of marketers feel that the greatest challenge in their job is generating high-quality leads. This challenging aspect of marketing is hamstrung by another startling revelation – that Sales employees admit that they never follow through on around 70% of all leads passed to them by the marketing department. That’s a lot of work wasted for marketing employees, not to mention the potential frustration of watching a hot lead fizzle out and a lot of missed opportunity for business growth when your sales pass up an opportunity.

Training Provision

As you will use Salesforce for a variety of tasks and hopefully, integrate it fully into your business, the role of an administrator is to ensure your employees receive as much training as necessary. A good Salesforce Administrator will not only implement training but ensure that it is as up to date as it needs to be in-line with your business needs and new standards. They will also keep you aware of upcoming system changes and anticipate changes in your training needs, making recommendations where necessary.

The Problem

There are many reasons for why sales do not follow up on such a large number of leads. They typically centre on having too much to juggle at once and making snap decisions about a customer’s viability as a lead. It could be they did not receive enough information about a customer, no relevant information about a customer or simply made a snap tactical decision. Without the right data analysis, each customer is treated like the last and the next within a general demographic group. Sadly, we all make quick assumptions based on this demographic data. As human behaviour is not infallible, the potential for lost sales is there.

It’s Easy to Align with Salesforce

You might be wondering how a CRM such as Salesforce can help you make human emotion-based decisions on which customers are and are not potentially hot leads. It doesn’t and it doesn’t have to. What it can do is give you access to the most relevant data on which to base your most critical day-to-day decisions. With the following tactics and Salesforce, you can achieve your most critical targets.

Integrate Salesforce with your Marketing Software

Firstly, you will need to integrate Salesforce with whichever marketing software package you are using. Without this, you won’t identify the best leads and won’t maximise your revenue stream. HubSpot is one of the most common packages but any well-known SaaS system should work alongside Salesforce CRM. It is vital that you integrate the system two-way function.

Encourage Data Sharing

Integration is just the first step. Next, the two departments need to share the data important to each other. From the sales end, you’ll need reports on closures and from the marketing end, you’ll need the leads fed through quickly to the sales department. They will also need to share complete information on lead intelligence. Marketing can easily find the hooks and sales can report back easily and quickly on outcomes.

Get Rid of Extra Work

Salesforce can help you remove duplicate email leads by cross-referencing between the two systems. Duplicated customer details treated as separate entities are a common problem that has gone back decades that should have been eliminated by now. However, human error creates issues that do not flag as duplicates (spelling mistakes, addresses not updated). Salesforce will reduce this extra work and help to align sales and marketing much better and faster.

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