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Mobile Optimisation is Dead: Long Live Salesforce Mobile

aidem - 31st January 2018 - 0 comments

For many years, businesses were warned about the coming mobile revolution. The early days of WAP soon gave way to widespread smartphones and tablets and it’s been all uphill ever since. In 2017, mobile internet usage overtook traditional forms for the first time. We’re using mobile devices at work and at home. The age of mobile optimisation for websites and software is dead. Now we are in the Mobile First age.

Are You Mobile First?
As the World’s Largest CRM Solution, Salesforce is way ahead of the curve. Mobile connectivity has been a large part of the SaaS for years now but customer take-up is still in a growth phase. But the reasons to do so are compelling. Around 65% of sales reps who approach their CRM from a Mobile First perspective reported reaching their sales targets. Those who have not yet adopted mobile first report just 22%; that’s 1/3 of the success rate. As a business, you cannot afford not to apply Salesforce to mobile. Salesforce now believes “Mobile First” should become your philosophy if you want to keep up with current trends in Salesforce.

Benefits of Building Salesforce Around Mobile
If that simple statistic isn’t enough, let us demonstrate a few more benefits of shifting your focus from laptops, desktops and servers to a truly mobile Cloud-based “Mobile First” Salesforce.

Real-Time Information While On-the-Move
Stop synchronising from local data and take full advantage of Cloud services. So long as your salespeople have a connection, they can update data anywhere. The every-day tasks of the sales process are no longer limited to the office desktops. This means they can open and share files, access lead details and update them if they’ve just met a client whose details have changed and even share proposals.

Your Customers are Mobile First
Businesses need to change and adapt in line with customer demands and customers are demanding mobile connectivity. They want to integrate services such as social media and location services to improve their experiences. If customers are doing it to make their lives easier, then businesses need to adapt to these new demands too. Outdated technology shows a company that is behind the times; it slows down the sales process.

Real-Time Management Decisions
Team leaders and senior employees who need regular updates no longer need to wait until they get back to the office or sales employees return to report before checking progress. At the touch of a button when Salesforce is installed on a mobile device, they can make decisions quickly when they’re beyond the responsibility of the employee making the query. Faster and effective sales, faster and more effective decision making and faster response times.

Marketing Benefits
Because the benefits of Salesforce mobile connectivity is not just limited to sales, IT infrastructure or customer service. Above, we discussed the speed with which the general population has taken up mobile devices and linking services, using geolocation services and tailoring preferences for a better web experience. With Salesforce for mobile, businesses can reach out to customers in new and more exciting ways, adapting to a changing web.

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