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What is New with Salesforce Trailhead? How Salesforce is Providing Trailblazers with More Opportunities to Learn!

nadcoms - 31st August 2018 - 0 comments

Salesforce has been disruptive in the market of SaaS business solutions. They’ve simplified many aspects of day to day running, providing solutions for businesses of all sizes and allowing you to get on with your business without being too bogged down in vital but time-consuming tasks. But Salesforce isn’t just a provider of business solutions. They want to foster a community and encourage Salesforce users to learn more skills.

What is Trailhead?

Released in 2014, Trailhead is Salesforce online learning platform, helping users get to grips with their service packages. It uses a gamification process which harnesses natural desire to explore and play, using social and methods usually found in leisure pursuits. Their aim was to empower all users in the upskilling process; it’s been hugely successful too and the Trailblazers (the community of Trailhead users) have earnt millions of badges through the completion of the tasks within the system. It’s a naturally-evolving platform and one that Salesforce is keen to constantly upgrade and review so it remains relevant to users. It solves two problems: one, it increases Salesforce’s influence as a major provider, and two, it tackles the skills gap between the skills that jobs require and those that IT professionals currently possess.

Recent Updates to Trailhead

Salesforce recently released another load of upgrades to the Trailhead system. It has evolved rapidly inline with businesses needs since 2004 and continues to drive success for the Salesforce community. In their boldest move yet, they proclaimed that the recent range of updates will help IT professionals upskill faster and easier than ever before, and help their employers close the problematic skills gap.

Trailhead Assignments in Trailtracker

This new feature in the app creates a specialised and nuanced learning experience for Salesforce users. It used to be for tracking progress. However, it is now possible for delegating managers to assign learning modules to employees and set due dates by which they are required to learn them. The skills that the manager requires the employee to learn appears in the app as “Trailmix”. When an employee logs into the system, they will see their assignments in the Trailmix. The system allows the manager to compare progress between employees with a host of statistics and leaderboards; it also grants badges for milestones and achievements. This is where the gamification of Trailhead comes in.

Trailhead Favourites Feature

Trailhead contains around 400 modules at present. That’s a lot of learning for employees (nobody can hope to learn them all) and a lot of content for managers to sift through. That’s why Salesforce introduced a favourites feature. This quick list of items helps managers keep a track on new features to apps as well as ready access to modules useful to all employees. That way, they will not need to keep searching for them. Using tags and other search features, managers are able to quickly locate key modules and keep accessing them with efficiency.

Improved Search Function

Nobody notices a great search function, but everybody remembers the bad one(s). Today, most apps require an advanced search for subtleties and nuanced keywords. At the latest release, Salesforce enhanced the current search function. Most important here is the addition of “relevancy” sorting, now a common trend on most websites with a search. The advent of AI is proving extremely useful in understanding multiple potential meanings in a search. Furthermore, the search bar also includes autocompletion suggestions – just as the major search engines do, enhancing the search experience.

Trailhead Empowers and Develops

As well as the gamification process already mentioned which sets out competition, leaderboards and a scoring system with badges for users, Salesforce Trailhead has a number of other significant advantages:

  • Employees learn new skills at their own pace, with the manager’s agreement and so set deadlines where necessary. The advantages to online learning have been discussed repeatedly and demonstrated as an effective learning method for adults
  • Hierarchical learning through trails, modules, and units. These are presented in a simple sequence with a recommended order to avoid confusion on the part of the manager or the employee
  • Learning is modular, broken down into easy to digest sections (10-15 minutes approx.) that don’t drag on unnecessarily. Direct and to the point is what the modern adult learner wants from workplace training
  • Interactive assessment at the touch of a button with simple but challenging methods of gauging how well the employee is learning new skills. These come in the form of multiple choice questions or a practical test where you carry out actions based on your learning.

Nadcoms has provided support and training to a number of its partners after implementing and integrating Salesforce to their systems. If you happen to be looking for something like that, give us a call, or send us your inquiry. We love to help!

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