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How to Satisfy Customers? What Is Salesforce CPQ’s Role in Keeping Customers Happy?

adil - 14th May 2018 - 0 comments

Today’s customers are different and more informed compared to what we’ve seen before. They really do expect a completely frictionless buying experience and as sellers, we need to be able to deliver that consistently. Most significantly because we are facing more competition than ever, especially in the field of information and technology.

In the past, this level of information and choice was rarely seen in the grasp of customers. This changing business environment is why we are seeing the key trends such as increasing consumerization of business to business, or more commonly known as B2B, sales.

The ubiquitous availability of online services – e-Commerce Platforms like Amazon & Alibaba, ride-hailing services like Uber, Lyft & Careem and many more – have set expectations of personalized services in customers mindset. This is 100% true for B2B and B2C customer alike.

The customers want solutions that are not only going to be deployed quickly but those that are tailored specifically to their own requirements, whether business or personal. B2B businesses want specific frameworks and processes to help them rapidly identify and understand their customers’ needs and then craft solutions to meet those needs. If then there is a way to deliver such proposals quickly and in a professional manner without wasting too many personnel hours, that is all the more welcome. All this tells you that for the modern sales teams to work efficiently and effectively, they have to be able to work from anywhere at any time and also be able to connect with a customer on a short notice.

You can do all that with Salesforce CPQ but we will get to that later. But first, let’s see what some of the quoting challenges businesses currently face are.

There are six key quoting challenges which make it very difficult for companies today to address the high expectations of modern customers:

  • Complex Products
  • Bundles and Add-ons
  • Pricing and Discounts
  • Subscriptions and Recurring Revenue
  • Contracts and Renewals
  • Dynamic Quotes


What is Salesforce CPQ?

What is CPQ?

The real idea is bringing the CPQ into Salesforce. Salesforce CPQ brings a complete lead to cash platform or a full reader cash system which is going to eliminate many of the challenges that sales teams face today. These challenges, – or problems rather – stem from a disconnected environment where customer data isn’t easily accessible for everyone, especially sales personnel. Therefore, the gap between what different departments know makes it extremely difficult for everyone to be on a single page.

Salesforce CPQ solves all that. It makes it possible to have all your customers’ information stored in a single data set which all the teams dealing with customers can easily access. It is far simpler to understand the latest status of a project at any given time and then rapidly respond to any new requests, from stakeholders who can all access part or all of the aforementioned stored information if you deem it viable.

Of course, the automation with workflows, process builders and apex etc. makes it much easier and much faster for sales teams to go through the correct configuration processes, accurately price products and services and manage any discounts. Likewise, securing appropriate approvals and then flowing all this information and data through Salesforce into contracts and orders can be appropriately interpreted by sales teams and support teams without worrying about any data loss. This makes billing easier, more correct and supported by automation so the customer continues to be happy and ultimately is willing to entertain a conversation around add-ons and upsells and renewals further down the road.

Salesforce CPQ Benefits

Benefits of Salesforce CPQ?

  • Quick Implementation Short 8 weeks
  • Product Bundles, Rules and Options Per customer requirements
  • Custom Pricing Highly customizable pricing rules, conditions and actions.
  • Custom Quote Templates custom template with sections
  • Approval Process configure approval chains and email templates
  • Process Automaton native automation using workflow and process builder

Results of Salesforce CPQ?

  • Highly integrated Quote to Cash system.
  • 360 degree view of customer buying journey.
  • Process improvements across the entire organization.
  • UI/UX dramatically improved
  • New bundles and products much easier to configure and launch.
  • Changes to legal terms with no custom coding needed
  • Visibility, approvals, and reporting improved dramatically.


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