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Salesforce Einstein, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots: How AI is Changing Customer Service

nadcoms - 23rd July 2018 - 0 comments

Historians of technology will undoubtedly look back at 2018 as the year of Artificial Intelligence. For years, science fiction books and films promised we’d one day get to the point where computing power could reach artificial intelligence level on a par with humanity. We’re not quite there yet, but 2018 is certainly proving to be a year of breakthrough. This is the year that AI became viable as a web tool; not only that, it’s affordable even for startups. Einstein for Salesforce is presently making waves in the CRM industry with massive uptake as businesses begin to see the benefits of using AI applications.

The Growth of CRM

Salesforce and CRM, in general, underwent critical growth between 2014 and 2015 with a 12.3% increase in uptake. That growth has not slowed and continues to expand as businesses of all sizes incorporate flexible platforms and useful tools to help them achieve their business goals. This continued growth has been possible because of recent changes to CRMs such as the addition of AI. They realise that they need to adapt to a changing web climate, providing the tools for businesses and enabling them to provide an even greater level of service for their customers – in both B2B and B2C service providers.

But lately, much of the focus on expanding functionality for CRM systems such as Salesforce is into AI. Salesforce Einstein has, so far, been a critical success with massive uptake for most Salesforce users. Released in 2017, Einstein serves not just to provide more information to businesses (as more data is not necessarily useful in itself), but to provide the relevant information at the right time to the right people.

How 2018 Became AI’s Year for Customer Service

Growing businesses need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to fulfil their goals. AI is now at the core of most CRMs, especially Salesforce, to automate many aspects of their business processes. It speeds up mundane tasks and helps to streamline other processes.

  • Communication methods, driven by AI, permit 24/7 communication that never compromises customer service quality. You can offer customer interaction outside of normal office hours using Artificially intelligent chatbots, ideal for those who work volatile and unsociable shifts.
  • Mobile connectivity has also benefited from this as people seek immediate answers to information, lacking the time or inclination to phone during office hours and wait in a queue.
  • AI for customer service is a self-sustaining system. All of the data generated by customers through these interactions help improve AI.

The reason for these advances and uptake of Artificial intelligence is that it permits the automation of processes once requiring a human operation, and sometimes a lot of it. This allows businesses using AI CRMs systems such as Salesforce to streamline operations to free up time for their employees to work on other, more productive things that will help the company increase revenue and profit margin.

The Benefits of Einstein AI to Businesses and their Customers

As well as the convenience to customers stated above, it can also provide benefits to the business’ day-to-day running, reducing costs, the burden on human resources and ultimately driving your profit margin. Examples include:

  • The ability to gain insights in the real time by viewing all channels through which your customers may contact you.
  • Streamline operations for agents, maximising availability, reducing wait times for customers, and improving customer satisfaction rates.
  • The ability to escalate problematic cases where necessary for faster and more satisfactory resolution.

Further, AI systems for CRM such as Salesforce’s Einstein fundamentally alter how you respond to queries from your customers. Understandably, service agents can only handle one call at a time, slowing down the customer experience and delaying the resolution. But Einstein AI allows you to handle many queries at once, far more than is humanly possible.

Even when you use human customer service agents, AI will examine the customer’s data and determine which agent would be best to handle the communique, providing that essential information to the agent immediately ahead of the call. The benefits of this are clear: not only will the agent enter the call with full disclosure, they are practically guaranteed to be the best person to handle the query.

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