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Salesforce Social Studio Delivers More Than a Snapshot. Read How.

nadcoms - 7th September 2018 - 0 comments

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has many useful tools for increasing your customer outreach and improving conversion rates. As we explain in this post, the Salesforce Social Studio offers a great return on investment for businesses relying heavily on social media.

What is Salesforce Social Studio?

Social Studio is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It handles social media, a large and important area of your marketing strategy. Specifically, it helps businesses like yours engage with customers, potential customers, and visitors, and improves and streamlines your operations in customer service, marketing and sales.

Most importantly, it saves time while increasing interaction with your audience. Whether you are a startup with one person dedicated to customer outreach or a global network of marketers, Salesforce Social Studio will work for you. It provides many tools for publishing and collaboration on larger projects even when separated by borders or time zones.

It’s a powerful publishing and monitoring platform, showing what does and does not work, and how well they are working in real time through a single, simple interface. This makes it essential for any modern business that relies on social media to spread the word through content marketing. Whether you want to create your own, share trending content, and measure how well any of it performs for your brand, there are few platforms that could do it better than Salesforce Social Studio.

Features of Salesforce Social Studio

Admin Module

The Admin Module permits users to manage all necessary administrative functions out of a single location. This includes options such as by user, subject matter, individual social media platform, and user management data. It’s also possible to manage settings of your own organisation and connect other areas of Salesforce (such as Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud) for simple and effective integration towards your marketing needs. None of these aspects of your business exists in a bubble so it’s vital to link them up and streamline data acquisition and management.

Analyze Module

Customers of the Salesforce Social Studio find “Analyze” one of the most useful tools in its arsenal. It provides a framework of pre-built dashboards and customisable reporting to permit Salesforce Social Studio to work in the way that you need it to work. It allows you to engage in “social listening” and provides quantifiable intelligence on social media trends – what’s going on and their attitude towards you and your brand, and what they think of the industry.

Einstein Vision Module

Einstein is already revolutionising many of Salesforce’s core functions through the delivery of effective AI solutions. Now, it’s been incorporated into Social Studio too. It will automatically classify incoming content and it’s found great use in image recognition, breaking down into broad groups such as logos, scenes, and objects – often of places people are visiting on holiday or discussing current events. This allows you up to the minute information on what people are saying about your brand.

Engage Module

Do you want to engage directly with your audience through conversations and trendsetting topics? No problem because Engage allows you to join conversations that you begin with another module (Publish – explained next). Interact directly with customers such as responding to email queries and even social media comments can improve your outreach. Most of all, it shows you care about what people think of you and your business.

Publish Module

To remain relevant and visible, you need to publish regular content. But this is time-consuming for no guarantee of ROI. Plus, you need to tailor how you post to each of the various social media platforms. With Publish, you can automate this to a certain extent – publish in the future and to multiple accounts at once, and it’s built around a simple to use calendar. You can also see when posts were created and who created them to monitor the best performers and trends.

Real World Benefits of Salesforce Social Studio

We touched on some of the benefits above, but here are some more in greater detail.

Social Reporting

No platform is useful unless it has reporting – the ability for you to monitor impact and make decisions based on the results. Without a report, you won’t know where you are going right or wrong. On social media, the success or otherwise of a campaign can directly impact your outreach and your bottom line. It doesn’t matter how well designed a campaign is – if nobody is seeing it, it’s going to fail. Salesforce Social Studio provides analyses and qualitative metrics on which to base your decisions.

Mobile Connectivity

It should go without saying in 2018 that your employees use mobile technology just as often, if not more than desktop and laptops in pursuit of their role. Thankfully, all the Salesforce platform is mobile-connected with a fast, efficient and seamless connection to whichever Salesforce modules and packages you currently use. It’s responsive design and that’s just what we all need when using software packages for our businesses.

Integrates with Third Party Platforms

One of the biggest draws to any business is the ability to integrate disparate systems. Social Studio integrates well with other systems, with stock photo providers Shutterstock and Getty Images, and with content harvesting platforms such as Trendspottr and Rallyverse. But that’s not all – with a wide variety of custom industry-specific integrations, you can get all of your systems working together in little time and no extra cost.

Nadcoms’ certified marketing cloud experts are fully capable of realizing your marketing objectives with the help of Salesforce social studio and many more features that make Salesforce the fastest growing CRM in the world. Send your inquiry today or call us now. We are here to help.

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