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Top 3 Myths About Moving To The Cloud Busted

aidem - 1st November 2016 - 0 comments

Many businesses today that decide to take their business to the cloud do so because they need it for business agility and the cost savings that come with it.

However, for business owners who are still researching whether moving to the cloud is suitable for them, they may come across inconsistencies in their research, making the simple move to the cloud turn into a drawn out process as you try to separate fact from fiction.In order to help make ensure your migration to the cloud is as smooth as possible, we have listed the top 3 myths that people, unfortunately, believe to be associated with moving to the cloud.


Myth 1 – My business will have no control over our technology if I move my data to the cloud.

Fact – No control will be relinquished, but your IT department won’t need to worry about constant updates.


By moving to the cloud, the time spent on maintenance and upgrading software is reduced considerably, saving your team from distractions such as repairing hardware and instead focusing on driving your business forward.

Significant savings will be made by moving away from spending large portions of your budget on email storage and workloads. This will allow you to think in a much more strategic way, allowing you to support managers in a much more agile manner, responding to their needs quickly.


Myth 2 – I have to move everything to the cloud with no compromise, its either everything or nothing!

Fact – You can move to the cloud at the pace you are comfortable with, or even adopt a hybrid approach.


Though early cloud supporters suggested moving your whole business to the cloud all at one time, this isn’t a process that needs to happen immediately. Usually, implementations begin with a hybrid approach by moving a single workload, such as email, and moving from there.

The hybrid cloud helps to create a consistent platform that covers data centres and the cloud, making IT solutions and the delivery of apps to users much simpler. This gives you the control to produce the computing power and requirements that your company demands and to also give you the ability to scale up or down when needed without having to worry about using valuable resources.

As several businesses move their productivity workloads to the cloud, there will be differences in the paths of the workload and the time of migration. Nadcoms can help you move the simple workloads with ease first, and then help to figure out suitable plans for more complex projects.


Myth 3 – Cloud migration for my business involves too much hassle and time that I do not have.

Fact – Here at Nadcoms, we are here to help you every step of the way.


When you begin to take into account how you are going to move petabytes of data to the cloud, it is easy to assume it’ll be too much of a challenge for your staff, especially if you number a handful of people. It is not as easy as cake, but we can help get your services that are now on the cloud up and running quickly.

Nadcoms will be with you every step of the way as you make your first journey to the cloud, and in most cases, you can continue to use your existing tools and processes during the migration, thus day-to-day activities will not be disrupted.

Feel free to share this post to help people separate fact from fiction when it comes to moving to the cloud.

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