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Using Lightning Process Builder to Empower your Administrators

aidem - 30th June 2017 - 0 comments

If you have learnt anything in the day-to-day running of your business, it’s the need to make your processes quick and easy. Some things simply take too long, acting as a drain on your time and resources. What slows you down and damages your productivity is taking away from your profitability. What if you could speed things up? Salesforce has made many business processes for marketing to sales and everything in between faster. Now, Lightning Process Builder for Salesforce enables you to speed up your automated processes too.

What is Lightning Process Builder?
Lightning Process Builder for Salesforce permits users to automate processes through the intuitive and simple “point and click” method. Systems previously needed knowledgeable developers to code the relevant parts and build the platform for this. That’s no longer necessary as system administrators are able to quickly and easily build processes without needing too much in the way of technical knowledge. As with other functions in Salesforce, it allows you to apply one-click functionality to actions that would normally take huge amounts of time to do manually.

Why You Need Lightning Process Builder
Using Salesforce Lightning Process Builder rather than any other system to automate your core processes offers several distinct advantages:
• The end-user experience is much better. Salesforce reports greater user satisfaction than any other automation method through their platform
• There is greater consistency in the quality of data that users extract. They are able to process more and do so quicker than ever before
• You don’t need to be a developer to use it, develop it, edit it or scale your system. The visual graphical interface means little technical knowledge is required
• You can design an entire process flow in a single place, meaning efficient design and a less complicated and faster process
• Cost saving is always at the forefront of every business’ actions. Lightning Process Builder allows you to innovate your systems without expending massive resources and money on that innovation
Obviously, Salesforce offers workflows. But, if were honest, these are becoming slightly outdated. The functionality that can be performed using a workflow, can also be done using a Process Builder. But there is so much more (in way of automated actions) that can be performed using lightning process builder.

The Real-World Benefits of Salesforce Lightning Process Builder

In theory, Salesforce Lightning Process Builder is a great feature for building systems that speed up your processes. However, you want and need to understand how it benefits you and your business – particularly the end users.
The first and most obvious is how it permits your administrators to try more things than ever before, looking at speeding up processes that may have previously been out of the question. It permits an efficiency drive and therefore reduces resource expenditure – proactive rather than reactive.
Lightning Process Builder has the potential to bridge the gap between what administrators can do and what the end users need. Your employees likely have a long list of things that they wish they could automate or things they wish were faster or less complicated. With Lightning Process Builder, your administrators are able to attempt to build new processes and experiment with the system.

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