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Will Technology Debt Hamper Your Business Performance?

aidem - 3rd November 2016 - 0 comments

We understand why businesses are loath to abandoned outdated technology. After all, it took time, effort and money to implement. However, by continuing to use outdated legacy system, you could be damaging your business’ performance and profitability. Too many businesses are falling into the trap referred to as “Technology Debt”. Does this apply to you? If so, Nadcoms may have the ideal solution for your organisation.

Defining Technology Debt

We define this phenomenon of not letting go of outdated technology as “technology debt”. Rather than devising new systems, we cling to the old and devise short-term patches to cover the gaps. We add patch over patch, creating new problems as we go, always while looking for short-term solutions. The desire not to let go of old technology is born out of the idea that it is too expensive to start from scratch. However, not letting go of this old technology could be the more expensive problem over time as you look for short-term solution after short-term solution, especially in view of a new and innovative solution on The Cloud.

Today, we could argue that anything not using Cloud Technology – or not set up for it – is in danger (if not already) Technology Debt. That is why packages such as Salesforce are ideal. Salesforce has attributes that the server technology of yesterday lacks with the bonuses being scalability, flexibility and future-proofing, all without needing expensive investments. Salesforce is a new and inexpensive way of managing your IT needs no matter the size of your business.

The Problems that Technology Debt Creates

The first issue, clearly, is that these legacy systems represent a false economy in the long-term. Whereas decision makers and business leaders look at the expensive of implementing a system, they often fail to realise that this constant patching creates greater monetary and resource cost. Problems create cost, upgrades and updates cost, altering the coding to make it fit with current technology costs too. Costs spiral out of control and before we know it, we are sinking deeper and deeper into a legacy system that is no longer fit for purpose.

Then we have the issues caused by obsolescence. There will nearly always be a work around in the world of business computing, but these will generally only make a package slower, more bloated and more prone to problems. There are a number of solutions out there. Nadcoms works with Sales Force, the only package that can help your business release itself from the “technology debt” of the past and look towards a more technologically sustainable future. Perhaps Salesforce is the package for you?

The Solution To This Short Termism

As mentioned above, Salesforce can help deal with some of the issues you may have with technology debt. In the 21st century, this is one of the biggest challenges for businesses – to maintain, manage, improve and streamline multiple systems all at once. The greatest benefit to Salesforce is that it operates in the Cloud. You don’t need to devise complex custom software to use it. All you need is laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones with the capacity to use it.

Nadcoms is a prestigious provider of Salesforce services. We are based in the north of England but have clients all over the world. With our expertise and the superior software available from Salesforce, we can help you deliver your analytics, customer relations, apps and services of the future. Only a Cloud platform such as Salesforce can deliver rapid deployment, adaptiveness, cope with unpredictable demands and remain user focused.

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