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Implement & Integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Create personalised and unique customer experiences for every customer on every platform.

We help you make your every customer interactions count, each one of them. Our certified consultants empower you to provide the best brand experience and 1-1 customer journeys across multiple channels and platforms, tailored according to each customer’s requirements and your brand message.

What Marketing Cloud Can Do

  • Automate your marketing funnel saving time, money and resources

  • Acquire and utilise data from customers and prospects and create informed campaigns by segmenting the data according to the age, gender, location, income and other variables.

  • Create an automatic lead scoring system to identify the prospects with the best potential.

  • Run lead nurturing and drip campaigns for potential prospects and gear them towards buying your services/products.

  • Build a scoring system on real metrics by tracking your email open rates, downloads, reviews, clicks, and individual visitors and in turn gain closer insights into your customers.

  • Build customised email templates for different buyer personas and for leads in different stages of the funnel.

  • Evaluate your marketing ROI in light of your campaigns’ performance and impact on conversions, collectively or on individual leads.

  • Do all the above from a single, all-encompassing platform. No need to routinely export or import data to or from external platforms.

Why work with Nadcoms

  • Salesforce silver partners with an extremely successful track record

  • Dozens of Salesforce certifications including certified Marketing Cloud Consultants

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate

  • An experienced and energetic team working with the partners led by a dedicated project manager

  • Constantly open communication channel between Nadcoms and partners with complete transparency

  • The opportunity to become an even better customer company

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Who we are

Converting customers to advocates

We are not only driven by satisfying our customers, but creating business advocates. We strive to develop long-standing relationships with all of our customers and partners, and encourage feedback at each stage of the process.

Customer success is 

Successful project deliveries

Frequently Asked Questions about Marketing Cloud

What is marketing cloud?

Marketing Cloud is a Customer Relationship Platform by Salesforce that allows marketers to create and deliver personalised customer journeys to all customers across multiple devices and platform. It enables you to put forward exactly the right message at all stages of marketing funnel.

Marketing cloud allows you to use predictive analysis based on data to find out the best channels and tailor messages according to customer’s behaviour, demographics and preferences. It incorporates integrated solutions across web, email, social media, advertisements, and content to manage 1-1 customer journeys.

What is the cost of Marketing Cloud?

Prices are based on your business needs. We work with businesses of all sizes from all industries and we can work with you to create a package to meet your requirements.

Why do I need Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud focuses on the optimizing the customer journey for conversions and later on, retention. It gives you the opportunity to provide 1-1 and personalized brand experience though all connected devices across all channels. Connect and integrate customer data and interactions from other platforms to ensure you give customers exactly what they want at the right time.

Marketing Cloud provides you a 360 degree view of your customers and enables you to create lasting relationships by catering to their needs at the right time, using the right channels and with the right message.

Let’s Discuss Your Marketing Cloud Project

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