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Salesforce Service Cloud Expert Implementation

Customer services that is intelligent and Omni-present across all channels from anywhere

Service your customers with intelligent conversations and give then the best brand and customer service experience from start to finish. Implement Service Cloud to make your agents more understanding to customers in order to make the latter happier. Treat your customers better on call, in communities, on social media, and elsewhere. With our help, integrate and implement Service Cloud to make your teams more productive and customer friendly.

What Can Service Cloud Do For You?

  • Enable your teams to provide the best customer experience possible

  • Help you to a comprehensive 360° view of your customers

  • Give you the ability to respond to customers across every channel 24/7/365

  • Deliver a customer experience that makes them heard on all channels

  • Adapt your customers’ needs with the business needs quickly

  • Lighting console ensures all information required by representatives is available on their devices

  • Custom reports and dashboards about all information including customers’ orders, assets, support history

Why Nadcoms?

  • Salesforce silver partners with an extremely successful track record

  • Dozens of Salesforce certifications including certified Service Cloud Consultants

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate

  • An experienced and energetic team working with the partners led by a dedicated project manager

  • Constantly open communication channel between Nadcoms and partners with complete transparency

  • The opportunity to become an even better customer company

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Who we are

Converting customers to advocates

We are not only driven by satisfying our customers, but creating business advocates. We strive to develop long-standing relationships with all of our customers and partners, and encourage feedback at each stage of the process.

Customer success is 

Successful project deliveries

Frequently Asked Questions about Salesforce Service Cloud

What is Service Cloud?

Service Cloud is a customer success platform by Salesforce that gives you an innate understanding of your customers and facilitates you in providing more personalised and smarter customer service. It also allows you automate various customer service and engagement processes leaving you more time to make your message more personalised and able to connect with them on a one-on-one level. Serving your customers across all channels and from all places is made easier than ever.

How will Service Cloud help my business?

Service Cloud gives you a 360° degree view of your customers and tracks their requirements, motivations and information which gives your service teams the best equipment to satisfy your customers by answering quickly and smartly. Service Cloud helps you increase loyalty, retention and satisfaction by helping you deliver an outstanding customer experience and more productive interactions with consumers. Service Cloud also keeps the data of your customers extremely secure and protect their information from any breeches with state-of-the-art security architectures.

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